About Us


NANA HALAL HUB is an online B2B business platform that collects halal products from Thailand
to appear online. 
We facilitate as a medium to connect between buyers and sellers using
Arabic and English language for communication, operation and business negotiation.

NANA in Thai means numerous, various and also refers to "Soi Nana"
which is an Arab Street in Thailand that full of everything that Arab people are interested in.
For that reason, NANA became the first thing in mind for Arab people when thinking about visiting Thailand. 

Besides our goal of being an online platform with halal products from Thailand that provides
various kinds of halal products in large numbers, we are also willing to be the first business platform
for Halal products that everyone must always consider. 

We are confident that the quality of the products from Thailand will impress everyone around the world, 
especially in the food category that Thailand famous for and brought Thailand to be known as

Thailand : kitchen of the world . We have made great effort to support and widen opportunities to access
to Thai products and present them to the world especially to the MENA countries (Middle East & North Africa) 
that still have obstacles and problems in accessing due to language boundaries. 

NANA HALAL HUB platform will be preformed as the world's online exhibitions that takes care
and facilitates all entrepreneurs using Arabic and English as a driving force. Therefore, we will be
another important gear that helps widen opportunities for those interested in purchasing high quality
products from Thai manufacturers directly. 

We strongly believe that the NaNa Halal Hub platform will create opportunities for trade
in high quality halal products from Thailand. And the entrepreneurs will definitely be impressed
by the products and services from us.

Best Regards