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Pursuing beauty and health that enriches people around the world

Hydrogen is a Japanese culture. Therefore, we are particular about manufacturing only parts made in Japan. And we have pride as a leading company and hydrogen generation technology that no one can imitate. We can deliver products that combine these three products all over the world. By doing so, we will realize a small smile such as "the makeup is a little better than yesterday" and a big smile "the major illness has been completely cured". To that end, our pursuit does not stop.

Business Details

1. Manufacture of hydrogen products

2. Manufacture of health foods

3. Overseas sales of skin care cosmetics and healthcare products

Company History

Jul. 2010: Started renting Japan's first water server of hydrogen water

Oct. 2015: Established our company as an independent technical department from Beauty Station Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2016: Started selling tumbler type hydrogen water generator "BAMBI" as an in-house product

Aug. 2016: Started selling hydrogen water generator and hydrogen gas inhaler "Lourdes Hydrofix" as an in-house product

Business Sites

Head office: Nagoya, JAPAN Factory: Hyogo, JAPAN


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