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 Proper 168 Co., Ltd.

Proper 168 Co., Ltd. We are committed to producing high quality dietary supplements for men. Safety and quality are the company's top priorities.

DEAL dietary supplements are researched by the R&D team, controlled by pharmacists every step of the way, and manufactured by pharmaceutical factories with more than 20 years of experience with GMP HACCP HALAL standard with supplement production license and export document certificate of manufacturing, certificate of ingredients and certificate of free sales with fda registration number 11-1-01757-5-0285.

Deal product features can be released within 15 minutes, and the prince continues to operate for up to 10 hours without residue after 10 hours.

Another distinctive feature of DEAL is that it is no blurry eyes, does not have headaches, which causes concern for consumers.

DEAL pays attention to every step, even in small details. We have detailed documentation inside the box in 5 languages (Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese, German) and damp substances packed in boxes with seals closed for cleanliness and safety.