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Southern Border Food Processing Co., Ltd

dustry since the age of 20, eventually establishing himself as the humble owner of Pattani Sahapan Construction Co., Ltd after more than 30 years.

In May 2010, he received an opportunity from Department of Land Development under the Royal Initiative Project to develop an oil palm plantation project. He realized that farmers of oil palm plantations in the area never had fair access to competitive market pricing for their farm produces, as there were no oil palm fruit processing factories within the area of Southern Border. Under such circumstances, they were forced to sell their oil palm fruits to middlemen traders at compromised prices. Thus in November 2012, Mr. Somnuek established the first crude palm oil (CPO) plant in the Southern Border, providing a localized market demand of palm fruits for these farmers, marking the beginning of Palm Pattana Southern Border Co., Ltd. in the Agricultural business.

With the success of Palm Pattana Southern Border, Mr. Somnuek furthered his market exploration and understanding of the Agricultural Industry, and founded his strong belief in the potential of developing coconut plantations in the Southern Border. He wanted to expand the benefits of local economic crops beyond that of rubber and palm oil, and firmly believes that coconut plantation will further create job opportunities, and the establishment of a coconut milk factory will generate more income and improve the quality of life for the local farmers and workers.

In January 2018, Mr. Somnuek founded Southern Border Food Processing Co., Ltd., (SBFP), to realize his definitive objective of productive coconut plantation development in the Southern Border area. As a philanthropist with the passion to help local people to achieve higher standard of living and education, he believed that with the establishment of a processing plant with coconut as its major source of raw material, local farmers can be at more ease to venture into coconut farming, and be guaranteed of a consistent market demand and fair pricing for their coconuts.

SBFP is established as a producer of high-quality Coconut Milk, as well as other coconut products for both domestic and international markets.

The foundation of DALAH as the brand for our product range of coconut milk, is our symbol of love to our local community, and the perfect representation of our philosophy to continuously promote a better economy for the local people.