TAREE Flora and Herb tea

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Refreshing your day with flora tea

Company TAREE

2359/184 Aspace Sukhumvit 77, Building H ,Suan Luang , Bangkok, Thailand 10250

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]

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Flora and Herb tea

Products story

A flora tea is a new tea-consuming experience which will bring the traditional tea to the whole new level in term of benefit, color appearance, and scent. To begin with, we were passionate about consumable floras, and we thought that this could escalate tea-drinking experience. After a lot of fun experiments, we came up with our perfect combination. Then, we looked for an organic farm community with a suitable environment and free from any harmful chemicals. We found the perfect group of organic farmers in the North of Thailand. With their collaboration, we developed an easy-to-drink flora tea. Finally, our flora tea is perfect for all-day drinking and help consumer get healthy in the long run.

Products Advantages

Charming- Flora & Herb tea
Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, antioxidant, boost immunity, help with learning and memory, reduce the risks of heart disease, relaxing, carminative, and detox with flatulence gas 

Products Ingredients

Formula 1 -Charming- Flora & Herb tea

Gotu Kola Cinnamon

Sweet Osmanthus Stevia

Roselle Pandan

Rose Torch Ginger

Oolong Tea Leaf

How To use 

1.     1 sachet can be boiled with water 1-2 times or until the smell and color run out.

2.     1 sachet is suitable for boiling 400-500 ml of water.

3.     The temperature of hot water is 80-100 °C

Safety Warning

Please keep the packaging in a sealed place. 

Shelf Life : 1 years

Company : TAREE

2359/184 Aspace Sukhumvit 77, Building H ,Suan Luang , Bangkok, Thailand 10250

(+66)2-0152399 [email protected]


We produce next generation products provided to you

with the best combination of nature to create consumable products.

Our visions are to make the best possible products causing a positive impact on our life,

to develop, inspire the creativities and come up with fresh and practical goods,

to support local organic-farm communities utilizing their materials to build

a great product in order to reach more people and grow together

with them as the sustainable company.


Certificate 1: TAREE Flora and Herb tea